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Tim Weiser

Tim Weiser talks about managing risk on his farm in York Springs, PA.

Ed Weaver

Ed Weaver discusses successful farm management at his pick your own market and farm.

Adams County Nursery

Chris Baugher is the Orchard Manager at Adams County Nursery. He uses crop insurance to manage the risk of growing apples as his family transitions the operation to the next generation.

Beechwood Orchards

David Garretson operates a 100-year-old family farm where he grows a variety of fruits and vegetables in Adams County, selling at farm markets and using crop insurance to manage risk.

Burch Farms

Tim Burch is the sixth generation on an Erie County fruit farm that started in 1779. Tim uses crop diversity, crop insurance and value added items as risk management tools.

Soergel Orchards

Adam Voll represents the 6th generation at Soergel Orchards. Adam talks about managing risk at his family’s orchard and market in Allegheny County.

Trolley Line

Deb Philips, a third generation grape grower, along with her husband Jack Russel and his son Bill Russel, operate a vineyard in Erie County.  Deb views crop insurance as an important management tool that she utilizes for weather related risks.

Knouse Farms

Tonya White grows apples, peaches, cherries, nectarines, apricots and vegetables on her Adams County farm, where she manages risks through crop diversity and crop insurance.




Testimonials - Videos

Masser Potatoes

A third generation potato farmer, Keith Masser owns a growing and packing operation in Schuylkill and Dauphin counties where he farms grain crops and potatoes.  He uses crop insurance to reduce risk associated with the extreme environmental conditions.

Country Creek Produce

Brent Barnhart grows corn, soybeans and vegetables in Franklin County.  He manages risk with crop insurance and diversifies with sweet corn and other vegetables.


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